What size strings do you guys use or prefere? I was thinking about switching to 11s for a thicker sound but don't know if I'd have to adjust anything on my guitar cause I don't know how. I have an Ibanez and it's not a trem or anything fancy just regular. If you know if anything would happen please let me know. Thanks.
I use 10s but im getting 9s put on my tele for those 3 tone bends!!
What strings you using now? i think that may affect the neck summat about pressure from the strings im sure on of the more intelligent guys on here will help ya
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The most likely effect of increasing string gauge is an increase of tension on the neck which may cause too much relief, essentially it bows you guitar neck. To change this you need to make a truss rod adjustment, of course if you don't know what you're doing get somebody who does to make that adjustment for you and if possible get them to show you what they are doing so should you ever need to you can do it yourself.
if there are 10s on there now u might just notice a slight action increase.
u can probably get the strings closer to the board with a bridge adjustment.

but like said, there's no way to completely count out needing a truss rod adjustment, until u put the strings on and check the bend.

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Fender 9's are the best.
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yeah i have nines now but just want a little heavier sound, i guess i'll have to take it to the guitar shop
I play 11's, and needed no adjustment on my les paul after switching.

I made the mistake of trying 13's- those beat your fingers up. I could do bends, but after a couple my fingers felt like hamburger meat.
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I play 11's, and needed no adjustment on my les paul after switching.

I made the mistake of trying 13's- those beat your fingers up. I could do bends, but after a couple my fingers felt like hamburger meat.

What gauge strings did you have on your Les Paul before?
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I use .08's, I prefer the fenders but they have not been making them unless you get the ones made for a wammy bar

.08's own

I hate it when people say that .13's are going to give you a "better tone". Let's take SRV for an example... Do you think he would have sounded any different if he didn't use his 14's or whtever he used? After his sound went through all of his pedals and then his amp? String guage make such a small difference on electric guitars... All of the local players I like use .08's or .09's, they are also the players who know what they are talking about
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I use 0.09's at the moment, and also use 0.11's. Never actually tried anything heavier, but they do it for me.

If you're into metal or hard rock (I'm guessing that from the guitar you own...) then heavier strings will give you a better sound with (power) chords and such, and also lead playing. I would recommend you go and try the 0.11's. What do you use now?!

3 tone bends?! I can get those on my Strat with 0.10's!!! 0.09's are just easier, 'cause i'm lazy! :P
I do 5 step bends, sometime 6 depending on the note I have to reach to get it in tune - that is the reason I use 8's, but I can do it on 10's if I have to
D-Addario 11's for me. I can get like 3 step bends with them.
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ive got 9 right now i think but i do want a little heavier tone but i don't wanna have to adjust anything cause i don't know how, guess i'll have to learn
DR 9-42's they make 9-46's i think but I like the 9-42's.