Yo all, im a guitarist who has been playing for around 4 years. Self taught. My little sister is now wanting me to teach her the guitar, she doesnt realy want 2 go for real lessons mainly cause shes lazy and can get them off me for free. i know all the things i should b teaching her (scales chords etc etc) but im not sure about the order in which 2 teach her. im worried i might find my self teaching her intermediate techniques without first goin over the basics. so if u guys can recomend a rough order of what i should teach her it would b appreciated. so far i hav :

parts of the guitar
tuning eBGDAE
notes on the guitar
open chords (E, A, D, G etc etc)
petonic scales (excuse spelling)

p.s. i wasnt sure which forum 2 post this so i just took a stab in the dark n posted it in this one
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parts can wait... doesnt make too much of a difference. Introduce her to the fretboard thou as well as standard tuning... that helps.
my order:
-Chords (power, then open, the barre,)
-Drop Tunings
and that should be it. Make sure you show her a song her or there as well as some cool licks. EXERCISES are important as well... make sure you prepare her well.
Why not go with her to the local store and find a decent tutorial book or three, then work with her through them. This gives you a lesson plan that you can adjust as you see fit and she can practice when you're not around too?
Obviously add in your own stuff as you go too.
no sounds like to much for her im guessing shes quite young ask what song she like example avril lavine (who i hate) complicated and start by teaching her the chords to that song if she doesnt enjoy it she wont stick to it. just keep it simple until shes ready to go full on if ever
try and match scales or whatever your teaching her at the time to a song that she knows that way instead of loosing interest when it get's a bit complex she will still have the fun just playing the songs and that way she wil still be practising scales,chord proggressions,barr chords ect
dont know if this is a little off topic, but i was thinking there could be a sticky with the ultimate lesson plan. there can be a plan posted for a week, then u just repeat this week for a month, then theres different week plan for the next month etc and u just repeat it? i hope that makes sence lol. its just a thaght, i think people who come here will benefit from it.
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First ask her what she wants to do with the guitar. There is no point in teaching someone all sorts of scales and theory if all they want to do is play some of the songs they like on the radio.
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Id say start early on naming the notes on low E and A.
Then open chords in the key of C - that will be a big confidence boost for her, as with a capo, you can play loads of songs.
Theory - The Major scale - where half steps are
The C major open scale
Theory - Harmonising the major scale
Other open chords in the key of G and D
The G and D major open scales
Then move onto the major scale on the E form.
Then obviously the next natural progression is barre chords - E and A forms first.

Depending on the type of music she likes, you may also want to include chord inversions, jazzier chords and standard jazz progressions etc.

Thats how I would do it, hope that helps!
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