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Life 12/09

Swallow me up. Absorption

Revive me and give me absolution

Penetration into my insight

The lesson

Life 12/09

Screwed me sideways

Held me back

Restrained me always

I watched my own body burn

The biggest lesson of all

Life 12/09


1. 2. 3. Life 12/09

Insight to life is a violent mind

Fed my own death but I survived

Cave my chest in and leave me behind

One more time, here it comes again

The hardest lesson in life

Life 12/09


Plant a seed but cut its limbs off

Look in the mirror and see the effect of

Ageing, growing, learning the hard way

Learn it like that and your gunna pay

Learn the hard way and never need to ask why

Never need to just stop to die

Learn it the hard way

The lesson is mine

The hardest lesson of all

Life 12/09

Lifes gunna screw me over

This Battles never over

Lifes out to screw you over

Dont worry itll soon be over

Life Life Life

Learn Life

Life 12/09

Life is just full of sin

A mistake made can make or break

Ive been through hell and back again

Adolescence blurred and the lesson forgotten

Learn it twice to learn well

Learn the lesson

Life 12/09