Hey guys, I'm looking for a new amp and I'm planning to get one in a month or so. I already own a Roland Cube 30 and Ibanez JS guitar.

Here's my plan;

I would like to have a nice amp with nice rich cleans and a smooth overdrive channel which preferably has some punch. I also want an effectloop for my digital effects processors (Boss Me-50, Korg AX3000G; so they dont suck up my tone when I'm not using them)

The amp however, doesn't have to have super high gain or anything because I will be using this set-up;

Guitar ---> Big Muff --> Dallas Rangemaster ---> Amp

Boss Me-50 ---> Korg AX3000G ---> Effectloop

So a nice overdrive will do because the Rangemaster (Signal booster) in combination with the Big Muff should provide enough overdrive to get the tubes overdriven.

Now my question is; would the ENGL Thunder 50 fit? I haven't had the chance to use it yet but from what I've seen it's a good amp for a reasonable price (900 euros) Is there someone who has experience with ENGL amps?

Thanks in advance

- Tim
I like the screamer over the thunder, but that's probably because I like the higain channel, as you don't need it, the thunder might be great for you.
Do you think my pre-stage overdrive would be enough to get a higain overdrive in combination with the amp's overdrive channel? Because basically I would prefer a nice punch on my amp which can be kicked into insane highgain overdrive when I switch on my Big Muff and Signal Booster...
Another question; would a Carvin Master Tube Series guitar amplifier suit my needs? I just visited the site again, the only problem is that I can't test these amplifiers as there is no dealer here in Holland that sales these..

Basically I'm just looking for some good advice on a nice tube amp which will have an excellent clean sound and a wild overdrive in combination with my setup.