Tuning: Drop D= DADGBe

what does that mean?
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the string nearest to you as you play ( E string) is tuned down 1 note so it becomes a D (the same as the 3rd string nearest to you).
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when i play chords on my electric guitar they sound crap, but when i play them on my acostic they sound good? Y IS THAT?
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^What chord are you playing? If you're playing open chords on an electric guitar through a distorted amp, they're going to sound somewhat messy.

Otherwise, maybe your electric guitar isn't in tune with itself.
whats a distorted amp? my amp just carrys on the chord even when im trying to play the next one and then it just sounds messed up!
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I mean, if you're playing open chords through your amp when you have overdrive turned on. Clearer?

Maybe you could try muting the chord before you go onto the next one, after you've played the chord, lightly press on all the string so they stop ringing, then change to the next chord... or you could work on your chord changes to make them smoother, so as soon as you've finished one chord, before the strings get a chance to ring out, you're already in position for the other chord - and perhaps work on your strumming to get that even flow so you're strumming and chord changes are smooth and move without hesitations.