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Hey, i was wondering who picks with a pick all the time, or rather fingerpicking, i personally dont, and how do you actually hold a pick properly and play fluently?
- tommy
the only time i dont use one is if im playing something like stairway to heaven or that early creed stuff that requires fingerpicking. as for holding a pick, you jus have to find a way thats comfortable for you, and playing fluently comes with time.
i guess i mostly use a pick. but i keep up my fluentcy in finger picking... holding a pick is all a matter of how it feels. i hold mine very close to the tip, more accuracy.
I was a flatpicker for the first two years of playing guitar. Over the last couple of years though, I have gone over to fingerstyle, which is very very enjoyable, as you can get a very full sound.
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I don't always pick i fingerpick some of the time...try playing finger pick songs with a plectrum it can be totally impossible.

When i do pick though i use a pick most of the time. Although i do sumtimes use my mobile phone sim card....i really like the size and thickness of it and it gives a better tone then you'd expect i haven't been able to find anything i like as much in months of searching. I try to avoid using it though as it *might* damage the strings but it's plastic so i don't see an issue
I do a bit of both. Fingerpicking (hybrid picking more like) and using a pick.

I prefer to use a pick though.
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my first few months of playing I always used a pick but about a year into having a guitar I wanted to learn to fingerpick in order to play yesterday, stairway, all that good stuff.
i use a pick but i also use my remaining fingers as needed, if i absolutely need all 5 fingers to play a song i'll drop the pick but that is exceedingly rare.
Quote by tombomb22
Hey, i was wondering who picks with a pick all the time, or rather fingerpicking, i personally dont, and how do you actually hold a pick properly and play fluently?

I play with a pick all the time! to hold a pick properly, hold out your hand limply. then turn your hand over palm up and your thumb and first finger will drop together. then push the pic between them. thats how i learnt =P
I hold mine in the middle of the pic, squeezed between the side of my index finger and the tip of my thumb, and picking accuracy is just something you have to work on, and it gradually comes.
I usually don't use a pick when i'm playing acoustic, it just feels better and sounds better to me.
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Does anyone know of a pick type that might be a similar size and weight to a sim card that i could use. my sim card no longer works in my phone... and i was worried about screwing up my guitar strings
I play bass, mate

Playing bass with a pick is like peeing on a picture of jesus.

I play with my fingers
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really depends. i strated out only using my thumb and fingers and now i use a pick. ill use finger style for a lot of acustic stuff and a pick for electric. if i play jazz, ill use my hand to give it a warmer tone. i like strumming with my hand because im so used to doing it and im better that way, but i can still strum with a pick. so really i like to switch back and forth.

also for holding a pick, i hold it pretty close to the tip. i dont like having alot of the pick showing, it makes me more accurate, smooth and faster. sometimes ill actually play with the rounded part of the pick instead of the pointed part. i find it doesnt get caught in strings and its easier to go fast and to strum. again, i can still do it the right way but sometimes depending on the song, ill switch.

all these things change the way your playing sounds so you should learn how to do these things imo.
I enjoy fingerpicking more than using a pick...I do however practise with a pick a lot too... I depends what the song requires and how I'm feeling.
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I think one should be able to do both if the occasion calls for it

Personally, I play with a pick most of the time now, but I started with just my fingers...
But I still use my fingers often to play acoustic, not just for finger picking, but to warm up my picking hand's fingers from time to time: it never hurts to do so imo
sweet, what fingers do you hold the pick if you were hybrid picking? i wanna try that cheers!
- tommy