Hi guys I recently purchased a new Gibson SG and had my first guitar just sitting there waiting to be customized. I have never customized a guitar before just thought I'd let you guys know.
So without further ado, what I'd basically like to do is make it quite versatile, it is at the moment dual humbucker, 1 tone, 1 volume, 3 way selector switch, bolt on maple neck, rosewood fingerboard , and it has an alder strat type body.
The logical thing to do is make it into a Strat which is kind of what I want to do, basically I want to put in two single coil pickups(neck and middle) and a new humbucker in the bridge position, and then install a floyd rose double locking tremelo.

I'm looking for a bluesy tone from the single coils, and a heavier rock tone from the humbucker. So what I'm trying to create is a decent backup for my SG the reason for the bucker, and a guitar that can achieve the blues tone.

Am I being unrealistic?? Should I just make it three Single Coils??

Any help would be appreciated!!!

I have already taken the guitar apart and commenced sanding, I'm going for a custom paintjob also.
HSS is fine, fat strat. As far as pups go, i havent got a clue, but maybe lace sensors for the singles? not sure though. you are aware that the FR will require extensive routing and ideally a new nut right?
sure do, will be replacing the nut aswell, it has a cheap plastic nut which has
started to shred. thanks for the help mate
yeah, shove a locking nut in there, or a graphite one and purchase locking tuners, each way there is great tuning stability.
Yeah was going to go for the graphite nut, and Sperzel locking turners.
Shopping list so far
Floyd Rose system
Graphite nut
Locking Turners
5 way Selector Switch and a push pull potentiometer
2 single coils
1 humbucker
paint and varnish
Don't have a budget trying to make my guitar and how can you put a price on that ;-). I'm just gathering prices now. So I'll know what i'll be spending around abouts soon. I live in Australia by the way. So any prices I put up will be in Australian. For the Americans and Brits just half the price really.
Ok the pickups I'm looking at are parallel axis seymour duncans, PA-STK1n Parallel Axis Stack in the neck and middle position, and a PATB-2 distortion in the bridge.
All parts including pickups should cost around $770AUD. Pricey I know but compared to getting a Delux Fat Strat it's rather cheap since they are about $3000AUD.

I'm not set on the pickups just yet they are just in my thoughts, as the distortion gives me a really heavy rock style to metal, while the Stack although technically a humbucker gives me the range to play jazz - blues- hard rock. It seems like a good idea. They are also designed specifically for use with Floyd Rose type tremelos.

What do you guys think?
If you have a floyd rose why are you using a graphite nut?
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if you have a floyd rose, you can only use a locking nut, not a graphite one........ i seriously wouldnt bother trying to rout out a floyd, its going to cause more problems than it's worth if you havent attemtped anything like it before.
I should have mentioned it also had a tremelo on it (my bad) I will use a locking nut, thanks for that tip. Glad I posted my plans first.
I'm pretty handy with a router, i did 5 years of woodwork so i think routing the old nut to accomadate the locking nut should be no problem.

Thanks for the help guys. Any other suggestions? Any ideas on pick-up selection?
I too suffer the burden of having the same guitar as being my first. Maybe its just the left handed versions, but I think theyre horrible. What Ive been planning to do to make it into a "New & Improved" Ibanez is:.

1. new neck-- The manufactuer's neck seemed weak to me. Ive been leaning towards
putting in Ibanez's wizard neck, which can range from $80-$250 on ebay

2. tuners/locking nut-- I can just get some GOTOH tuners and locking nuts, which I can get
for around $20 for both.

3. new bridge-- idk about you, but I hated the manufactuer's bridge on it. About the only
really decent bridge that Ibanez has is its Edge tremolos. idk exactly how much they will
run because its kinda rare to see someone selling the lefty ones(w/o selling a full guitar),
but Im probably looking at around $100+(minus the fee to make it fit into the body)

4. new wiring configuration-- Im like you, I would probably like to have it as a super strat--1
humbucker and 2 single coils. To make it more versatile, I would probably coil-tap the
humbucker--buy a 4 pole 5 way switch, a 250k linear taper pot(for the tone), and a 250k
log pot (for the volume). Depending on the quality of parts, it coud range from around

5. mods. Ive seen some pretty nice onboard mods go on ebay for around $50. The one I
was looking at was a compressor and I would do is just hook it up to a slide switch
(about $5)

All in all, it would cost about $230. Of course, this is just would just be a dream for me. In reality, its just rotting in it's case.
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