Hey in many songs that ive come across, the songs go out of key, so the question is how do you know what will sound good out of key, eg playing a major that doesn't fit that key? how do ya know when tha will sound good, catch my drift? i farted lol
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just mess around with it. like if you play a few notes out of key it probably wont make a difference... unless maybe ou have bad luck like your playing an A and right at that moment your bass player hits an A sharp might sound kinda sour... but then again that could happen while playing in key..
Say, for example, theres a bend in a song that is only half a step...thats most probably out of key (when it's a major song)

Whats said above...thats a bit dumb, it WILL sound very different (and bad) if a "few notes are played out of key" but only if they are one after eachother.
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I has to do with structure. When you play something really structured while going outside like a sequence in a symetrical scale and you repeat that and and on a note that is inside again it can sound really good.
There is often theoretical reasons as to why things go out of key. Say you were in A major, and instead of a Bmin, you played BMaj. Well, this major is the fifth from the key of E, which is the fifth of A. So this BMaj, might help you 'resolve' to E, which will really just help you resolve to A.

Generally there is always a reason behind the out of key things (the composer might not know them though) so if someone says "just play wut u feel, theory is for ppls with no soul" you should know that they are taking the easy way out.

If you posted specific examples, I'm sure myself or others could give some insight.
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it also depends on where you place the "out of key" note or chord...for example, let's say you're playing over a C major chord progression using the C ionian mode...alright, you decide to add a chromatic run...now if you place it on the upbeat, it'll be too noticable and will sound crappy, but on the downbeat it will be more tolerable and possibly raise interest...this also applies to chord progressions, at least from what i've heard
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