Hey guys, sorry if this has been asked before, but I have looked around in some of the other threads and have so far not found anything about it.. Its just a quick recording noob question anyway (Im new to recording )

Im going to get a laptop sometime soon, which I want to use foremost for recording my music. What hardware is important when considering the quality of the recording? Is the sound card the only important thing? Or are there also other things that have a large influence?

Oh, and if I decide to upgrade my soundcard in the future, is this possible on a laptop?

At the moment I am considering a Toshiba, these two:

Toshiba L100-119

Toshiba L100-120

Thanks in advance,
macs are actually better than PCs for any kind of editing, audio inclusive. im actually about to run and get lunch, so i cant check the links, but you'll want a good soundcard and lots of RAM, if you're considering doing top-quality recording, ie. using Pro Tools or similar software.
ya, and keep this site more of a music site, not a pc site. and, of course you should buy the latest laptop you think which may include the latest stuff on it. you may just want to record ur music in a studio by the way,,, ;p
Keeping UG just a music site, how could the techies help people like svanzon here? We need to know the specs of his laptop that he's going to get to tell him he needs more or better of somthing.
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