I was wondering if anyone would mind explaining all the basic equipment neccessary for home recording and telling me exactly wat it does as i dont have a clue. Any help is extremely welcome
home recording? firstly, you'll need a guitar, eheheh..
ok, seriously; i need to know more info on how you'll do a home recording..., and also (don't take offense to this...) you should learn more on basic recording equipment before you do the thing,,,
If you want to go cheap, you need an amp, guitar, a converter and a downloadable mixing software like Auacity.

If you want decent sound buy a USB Midi Interface... like A Line 6 Toneport.
Question for 11thHour, what is a USB Midi Interface?

Don't go USB mate, cheap and ****e, USB has a long way to go still even 2.0 to catch up with PCI, your best bet would be a firewire audio interface.
Quick question.... I don't have a band or anything, it's just me and my guitar, so I need recording software for just vocals and my guitar. I don't have a ton money to spend, and I found a "Power Tracks Recording Software" for 20 bucks... anyone heard of it and know if it's any good? if not, any suggestions on what to get? I don't need anything big and fancy, just enough to record my music onto my computer, then copy onto cd's.
google search audacity. its free and it is a very good populaur recording program. also since its just you and your guitar, go to www.guitarbt.com for backing tracks to make it sound fuller and more interesting. as for equipment, i can't tell you to much. i just use a computer mic.

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