I am mainly a guitar player but I wanted to pick up a bass to play with. I have a pretty low budget of about $200US.

What would be a good bass to buy?

I was looking at the Ibanez GSR??? that was on musiciansfriend.com for $200. I don't have an amp for it though. Basically what would be the best deal for whatever I need.
assume that your guitar is a bass, i mean play it like a bass. that would be a good starter..,,
its not the same using a guitar as a bass. bass has a totally different feel to it.

as for a good stater bass I like fender jazz basses, so I would recomend a squire jazz but that is just my opinon. Jazz basses usally have a really thin narrow neck. for me they are easier to play
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How can someone use a 6 string guitar as a bass? Bass is like a completely different instrument. And you can't really "get used to" the bass when playing guitar because when you do get a bass your going to have to adjust to the fact that the strings are much wider apart and neck is a lot longer
So should I just look at Squier basses or are they ****ty like the guitars? I see a lot of people using those.
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Just do a search in only the bass forum with the search line saying only "$200".

You'd be surprised how many other people want to spend $200 on a starter bass. Since this has been done so many times before, closed.

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