So recently I bought a new guitar, and I'm keeping my old guitar. I mainly play metal, so i had the idea of tuning my old guitar in Drop D (new guitar is in standard tuning). My strings are .010-.046, would they be thick enough?
And will I have to make adjustments to the bridge?

My Old Guitar: it's the one on the bottom, the G200 (except mine's black)

Any help appreciated!
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nah it wont if its a fixed bridge. if you're gonna use that guitar for dropped D forever, might as well check the intonation on the string. 10's are alright.
Yeah I don't really like the feeling of loose strings, so I think I'll buy some 11's. So if I put them on and just tune them in drop D there won't be any problem?
i play in drop D with 11's and had no problem switching from 10's (for the record, i turn between that, standard and drop Db all the time). You only need to go to thicker strings if you are going to tune to drop C, or A# (seven string) In my opinon.