I was looking at amps in a GC magazine, and I saw this. They advertized that they are selling this head with the cab for only $999. Is this a good deal? I havent played any B52s before, so I dont really know what they sound like. I mainly play hard rock and metal. Thanks
Heres the URL to the MF one.
I've played one B52 before, at a Guitar Center, for only a couple of minutes. I didn't catch the model either. But my impression was "Average." I imagine it would be acceptable for the music you want to play but definately make sure you play one before you consider buying.
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Try it out before you buy it but it is a great amp. Said to be the poor mans recto. I have one and love it. If you want super heavy crunchy palm muting then you may need an OD depending on your style.

I play anything from acoustic to metallica and slayer on mine and it handles it all very well. It also has the choice of Class A, Class AB and SS rectifiers. Each sound a little different and makes the amp more versatile. The Class A has more "sag" to it while the SS is tighter and good for metal. I usually stick with the AB.'

On older models reverb was a problem but there is a 5 year warranty so there is no need to worry about it. From what I hear, retubing it with JJ's turns it into an amazing amp for the price. $1000 for the half stack isn't bad, I think that is about $100 off of the normal price. You can try and talk them down a bit at GC too.