This is a version of Avenged Sevenfolds - Unholy Confessions in CGCFAD tuning...

For right now this is just the intro, I thought about recording the whole thing but I wanted to know what people thought.

This would not be my tone I would use, for some reason my pickup selector was on rhythm and this was one of the only good takes so, I just went with it.

That sounds tite you should go ahead and start recording the whole thing because it sounds awesome
Thats decent.... I like the concept
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"You've Got to Belong To It"
What happened to the rest of the song? I can't understand why you played only the intro.

So, my comments on the intro, I guess:

The guitar tone was too digital for my liking. I bet you have a Line 6 Spider II amp, don't you? Also, you went out of time on the riff a few times, try to get your picking up to speed.

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it was up to speed its just somewhere audacity choose to put it half a second back...