I have an RP50. i noticed that when i have my guitar plugged into it, and the synthesizer going to my amp with no pedals in between, i get a constant humming.

I can turn the distortion all the way up on my amp and not get a buzz, but as soon as the RP50 is added into the equation, it starts to hum.

Is this the same with all synthesizers? or should i put a pedal in between the RP50 and the amp?

Also when it comes to pedals, does it make a difference where the pedal is placed? for example, would the sound change if i had a Fuzz box -> Distortion pedal -> Bass pedal rather than Bass -> Fuzz pedal -> Distortion?

This hum could be the fact that it isn't true bypass, and is adding noise to your signal. Try a noise gate in your chain and see if that fixes it.

I'm not 100% sure if placement of a syth would affect tone, but with a wah pedal, the signal will go through the wah before the distortion, otherwise it would distort the signal and then hit the wah pedal, giving it two distinctly different tones. Just try em out and hear the difference for yourself.
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