is the sg speacial faded worth it or should i go for something like an explorer..i play metal and i don't and i don't want an ibanez or an epi...epis are neck heavy is the jackson rr3 a good deal too?
I have a Gibson Sg Special and I think it's a great guitar. It's sound will depend alot on your amp though since its pickups arent the best. The RR3 is a good deal too in my opinion, was maybe gonna be my next guitar. The only thing it lacks is a real Floyd Rose, but the licensed one from Jackson should be good enough for now. You can always upgrade later. You could also consider a Gibson LP Studio. I've seen one going for about 900 these days. It's the plain mahogony finish so its looks are nothing special, but it is a real Gibson LP for under a grand.
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I used to have an LP special, it was a nice guitar, pups could use a change, otherwise, the price for another gibson is just fune tunings.