Its not bad just sounds kinda monotone. Needs to have a bit more range to it. Sounds like your stuck in your talking voice and not extending into your singing voice. Therefore your high notes sound flat. Ive heard ALOT worse on UG.

You can Crit me if you like
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yeah ur voice is a bit monotone but that was the best voice ive heard here
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Hah yeah right. It sucked, stick to your day job. Or GET a day job.

Nah jk. In all seriousness, sounds nice, just try to work on your vibrato or something to make your uh..tone better? Sorry im a guitar player not a singer .
Thanks guys, I'm very self-concious about singing in front of people. I feel like my voice isn't good enough to be heard. I feel that my voice is mono-toned as well.

Thanks a lot!

Any other comments I should take into consideration?
Yeah......like has been said, you just need to increase your vocal range and you'll be awesome!