ok well when i hear celtic music its awsome, i really like it. i want to incorperate it into my playing but i dont know how?
are there certain scales with that kind of sound to them? if so what are some so i can learn them
also they songs see to allways be in open tunings as far as guitar goes, i heard somethings about open C being used alot in this kind of music. are there any good lessons for playing in these kinds of tunings?
thank you if you can help


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Well for one, about 90% of it is in 3/4 time, and all in triplets. Its also mostly in C major or minor, so you got that right. Its a bit hard to play the lead bits on guitar, because of the way its articulated. See, flute players and violinists are the main players of the melodies, and since those instruments are very close to you and horzontal, its easy to articulate like that, but since a guitar neck is so much bigger and vertical, its harder, plus you probably have been trained to play in4/4 time. It takes a ton of practice.