Hey, I've been playing electric guitar for 7 months now. I can play most basic songs, but i would like to learn some more complex songs, and solos. When i look at the tab for the solo it puts me off, then i try it, it feels like its taking ages, can anyone give me some good scales to learn, and if possible give me links to them. Thank You.
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When i look at the tab for the solo it puts me off, then i try it, it feels like its taking ages, .

everything takes time and its gona take a while for you to play complex solos
Well it just depends if you think "Audioslave - doesnt remind me" is a complex solo, it doesnt sound it, but i struggle?
Nothing personal, but I usually forget every solo. . . even my own, luckily I keep them stored away on guitar pro files. . . .I usually listen to them before I go to a show so that I get the same general message across. . . . if it is another bands song, I wing it . . . hahaha.
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^ i'm the same way, i can remember the general jist of a solo and i have learned so many that i always get them jumbled and mixed up..... once i was doing the MOP solo and then went into the battery solo over it (and it sounded oddly good) but now i just wing it, i prefer comp'ing a solo on the spot instead of learning it and playing it the same way over and over and over, when i record a solo its what i do and i don't really have a way of remembering exactly how i played it.

Thats probably the best UG article on scales, and remember you can move them all up and down the neck, so instead of a major, it's B major, or F major.

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. When i look at the tab for the solo it puts me off

I attempted far beyond the sun when I had been playing for 9 months and it turned out alot better then expected (not great mind you) you gotta push yourself to get better.. if you see something that looks hard keep on going and work it out.

anyone who dosn't believe me about the far beyond the sun thing at 9 months
check out the file here
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