ok so I basically already posted this thread and came up with the Marshall Blues Breaker. But now I realized that I want a new guitar too, so I am trying to split up the money. I like to play classic rock, blues, and jazz. Cream, Led Zeppelin, Beatles.
amp under 1000? jcm 800, traynor blue, marshall dsl, maybe if you can find a great deal on a mesa mark iv? those should all suit your styles well. check out some carvins too, esp. the v3.
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man it sounds like you need a Fender deville and a strat
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Vox AD series. They're great for classic rock, blues, and the cleans are nice for jazz.
Vox AC-30 ? I saw that Vox has re-issued the original AC-30's. It has some nice features such as top-boost and a true tremolo just like the original ones!

Perfect for classic rock and I suppose you could do some hi-gain stuff as well if you put an overdrive/signal booster in front of it.