I have a $400 dollar budget, and want to get an acoustic-electric cutaway guitar. What will be the best bang for the buck?
i live in england so no idea of the price in dollars, but the yamaha APX 700 is a beautiful acoustic guitar and the sound is absolutely incredible.
You can't get a good acoustic electric with a cutaway for under $700

I'd suggest you spend between 2 and 3 hundred on a guitar with a solid top no cutaway and then spend another $100 on a b-band pickup. Get the sound board transducer if you want to play quiet coffee shop type gigs and get the under saddle transducer if you want to play loud.
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i have a yamaha fgx720sc... very nice guitar. it cost me about 600, but thats canadian so maybe it would be a bit less wherever you are. also if in canada look at normans or art&lutheries... fairly cheap but also awesome canadian made acoustic guitars.
takamine eg340sc
its what i got, 350 bucks it usually retails at, i got mine for 266 but yeah, i like it

and if youre looking for mostly plugged in, some of the cheaper ovations sound better plugged in that they do not. which is weird.
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I asked the same question about 2years ago I had around the same budget....
Anyway I way told that Takamine would be a good choice, anything made by fender or yamaha.

Best bet would be to cruise on down to your local shop with some warm fingers and play until you find something you like. You'll know when you do.

For arguments sake I bought a "cort" semi acoustic. Cost me around $480

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