After the recent death of my Roland Super Cube (RIP) I went out and bought a Kustom 1200. Since it's rackable head i've decided to start working on a racked rig. My Current Gear Is as follows:

Kustom 1200
Peavey 15"
Ibanez SRX-700
Bass Pod XT W/ FBV Express

Now i don't really see myself trading the XT in to get the rackable version (i don't really see the point besides me losing about 250 dollars in a trade in) So that being said i don't need a rack tuner as the POD has one that goes right to my footswitch. The kind of music i play is a mix of Thrash and Power Metal, for the most part it's clean tones with maybe chorus or reverb from the POD. So any good suggestions will be awesome.
personally, i would go for the rackable XT, and maybe a rackable tuner. It would help because it offers much more protection than just a bare head. also, a fan would be very useful too because things would get hot in there awfully fast. there's a fan on musiciansfriend that's $64 that takes up two rack spaces, and it's a genius idea. another thing that might have a use is a rackmount drawer. they also have one on musiciansfriend for less than a hundred bucks, but it really wouldnt be that hard to build your own. for now, thats about all i can think about. also, the rack space you get should probably have a lot of spaces, that way you can mount more things. If you dont have too tight of a budget, i would suggest this one. its more economical than getting a few smaller ones for $150 a piece http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product?sku=548050
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