i have a question that has benn boggling my mind for a while now..
ive been searching for a good 44. caliber love letter tab and i happened to find one..
it says to tune down a half step..
next to that it says that the strings should be tuned as followed (D# A# F# C# G# D#)
does this make any sence?? how is this tuned down half a step?
i tried to play the song with this tuning and it sounds wrong...
then i tried to tune to (D# A# F# C# G# D#) and i found it to be really hard..
main question: is this tab wrong or am i tuning wrong?
This actually really confused me... until I realized that the tuning shown there was from high to low.

At first I thought "A -> A#? that's not down!"
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and dont assume that the tab is right, if it sounds wrong then it probably is. use tabs as a reference point to get you started, and you should be able to work out any mistakes you hear
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thanks for the input.. that does make sense high to low... i was doin it the wrong way round.. thanks everyone