Originally, I was set on buying either a Schecter Damien 6 or an ESP LTD M200FM. But a couple days ago I noticed a new guitar, the Schecter Jolly Roger. Its only $80 more than the LTD, and it has an EMG 81 + 85 set. The only differences between the $500 Jolly Roger and the $650 C1 Hellraiser seem to be that the Jolly Roger has a set neck and an ebony fretboard, whereas the Hellraiser has a bolt-on neck and a rosewood fretboard. Does this make the Jolly Roger suck? Or is the Jolly Roger still worth it considering its within my price range, whereas the Hellraiser is not (not yet anyway).
The hellraiser is set neck not bolt-on, what amp do you have? I'd definitely take the Jolly Roger over the Damien and the LTD. It's certainly worth the extra $80 since the LTD is made of agathis and has a crappy trem and pickups. Definitely go with the Jolly Roger as long as you have a good amp.
Unfortunately I don't really have a good amp (Line 6 Spider II). Yeah I know they suck, but I got it as a Christmas present 2 1/2 years ago when I just started playing guitar and didnt know jack about ****. Looks like I'll be saving up my next few paychecks for a better amp.