Must be some kind of weird topic!

After outgrowing my first guitar (a small Kay stratocaster copy; which makes a pretty good sound for its price) I think its time to get to a little bit more "intermediate" type of guitar. So I was thinking of an Epiphone Les paul standard, just a black one. If I check the stores in my country, the machine costs like 900$, and while checking in some US webshops, I see the prices go down to almost 400 - 350$. Next thing I did was check the shipping price. And I found out they don't ship to outside us states. None of the shops I visited did.

So is there a reason? Aren't they allowed to ship outside US considering extra taxes and stuff?

Or can anyone help me finding a better shop for my guitar

Where are you from?
If you are from Europe "The Musicstore" will be very great, same prices as US
+ the export is great
It's in Germany, Colonge
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