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Verse 1:

All they ever sold you were dreams
Another sugary, corpotate fantasy
Something else to pin to your name
Another subject to fake an opinion

You never considered repayment, but they did
Somethings are better left unsaid, and some aint
Someday, they wont be there someday
The ones that worked so hard, have quit on you

Chorus 1:

Dont say we didnt try
Tim still passes by
You're lonely now
But you surely used to it by now

Verse 2:

You only sold us promises
Hypotheticals and what ifs
So what if we had enough of them
I sure as hell have had my fill

We drank from our hands, eaten from vans
You've always had it on a plate, upon demand
You had your cake, it ate you whole
Draw from our experience, when you draw the dole

Chorus 2:

You said it wouldnt work
That we're born and so will die in dirt
And you'll steal the flowers from our grave
And sell them, expense free