I jsut recently bought an m-audio fasttrack usb, and i use it to plug my guitar into garageband, which is super easy to use and edit, and the efffects are pretty nice. so i made this song.....

the song is really simple, with the bass and rythm guitar (the bass is made by playing my guitar through an effect called a vocal transformer that puts it down an octave. it doesnt really sound like a bass, because the effect is supposed to be for vocals, but it worked...), and i played the lead parts too. the drums were the only thing in the song that i didnt play, i justt used some boring preset drum loops that dont change throughout the whole song. keep in mind ive been playing for about a year and a half, so im not exactly steve vai yet...

oh, and theres one part in the song that sounds really gay. it sounds like some jewish folk song. ill soon find out how to get some sweet death metal drum loops and crazy disortion (and learn how to actually shred for some of you whose ears are probably bleeeding from this song) my music will get better. hopefully from what ive said, you think my song sucks. and when you listen to it youll be surprised!

It's called A Complicated Song (yes i was kidding) ooh, and try to listen to the other songs, just not apocalypse

just go here

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That sounds pretty good. The bass sounds actually pretty good. Kind of reminds me of Rage Against the Machine a bit.
awesome i love rage against the machine. haha, and im glad it sounds like a bass....