Tired of searching for more Derek Trucks movie clips on youtube.com?

Well, no más, my friends. The Derek Trucks Band recently released their first recorded-on-film concert performance: "Songlines: LIVE"

Go to derektrucks.com and order it from there, or get it off of amazon. Both have good prices. Seriously, I just watched this 2-hour concert in full and can't get enough. I fell like I'm advertising it but hey what the hell, you guys want to hear more of him, right? It's like 13 bucks plus shipping, depending. 20 songs in all, recorded at some place in Chicago. It was done about a month before "Songlines" was released, in case you're wondering.

The band (Derek Tucks - guitar, Yonrico Scott - Drums, Todd Smallie - Bass, Kofi Burbridge - Keys/Organ, Count M'Butu - Percussion, Mike Mattison - Vocals) is in full gear. They do their classic numbers like "Soul Serenade," "Joyful Noise," and "Feel So Bad," plus basically all of the "Songlines" album minus a few (I wish they did "This Sky"... I LOVE THAT SONG).

But get this... they do "Key to the Highway." It will blow your ****ing mind how tight this group is. They communicate as well as any other band out there.

Anywho... just so you know.

Looking for my India/Django.
Nice sounds awesome, how much did you pay for it?
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