i have a squier strat. I want to change the bridge single coli pickup to a humbucking pickup. I want a humbucker that is the same size of a single coil. i know they make those b/c i have seen them before. but i dont know where to buy them. Can somebody post a link to one?? thanks
also, please dont tell me to get a knew guitar, because i like the one i have.
Search for: Seymour Duncan Hotrails.. or Lil '59er (i think thats what its called)
Just go to a Daddy's Junky Music or Guitar Center or any other guitar store and chances are they can order whatever pick up you're looking for. But you really should look at other guitars. I understand that you like your guitar, but the most expensive pick up in the world won't sound as good in a Squier as it would in another guitar. Of course you can drop in the p-up and take it out when you're ready for a new guitar.
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DiMarzio Chopper is better and cheaper than Seymour Duncan Hot Rails. And if you want a more traditional Strat sound, look at the DiMarzio Virtual Vintage or Virtual Blues or DiMarzio HS-3.
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