how much would it cost to put humbuckers on my telecaster? what kind should i get? what will it do to the sound? how many do i need? thanks a lot!
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whats the current pickup config? it will sound differently depend on amp. and have as many as you want.
The cost depends on how your Tele is routed. If it's routed for single coils, you're going to need a new humbucker-sized bridge, a new humbucker-sized pickguard, and need to route the body for humbuckers, and 2 humbuckers. All that will probably cost you in the ballpark of $250-300. Tonal differences: the guitar will sound fatter, you'll lose the Telecaster twang, more or less, you'll have more overall output, your cleans won't sound as good but the distortion will be thicker. You could also save yourself some headache by going with a stacked humbucker (single coil sized). They have them ranging from vintage to high output, like the DiMarzio Chopper, which will get you close to a full size humbucker sound. If you want humbuckers just to get rid of the hum but like the classic Tele tone, try properly shielding your guitar and see if that will make a difference first.
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