Would it be possible to put Locking Nuts on my Fender Strat ?, cause I cant use the tremolo often before my guitar goes out of tune.
NO, you get locking tuners not a nut.
once you put the nut on, it goes out of tune, so unless you have a floyd rose which has another set of tuners located at the bridge, it wouldnt work.
locking tuners bud
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well, when you tighten the nut, it raises the strings and they go out of tune. so, when they go out of tune, on a floyd rose you can just adjust it back to normal with the spearate set of tuners located at the bridge. cant do that on a strat or any other trem for that matter.
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How do you tighten the nut?
It's a piece of plastic (of some sort) or ivory, you can't squeeze it or something.

Or am I just reading wrong? (me no speak English >_> )
floyd rose nuts have little screws in the top which you tighten and they put pressure on the strings to keep them in place. However, as mentioned, this causes distuning which is fine for the Floyd rose bridge tuners, but otehrwise, your out of luck. If you put locking tuners on, also change the nut to either bone or graphite, because chances are that you have a crappy plastic one on there right now.
^tu hables espanol? no es importa, mi espanol no es muy bien. Graphtec makes a nut out of "Tusq" which is similar to ivory, but is manmade. They also make graphite nuts. You can get their nuts for about $10 or less. if you really don't speak english I can try saying all that in spanish.....si tu no hables ingles, es posible para mi a tu lo dice este en espanol.
yay! espanol! hablo un poco espanol, porque es un idioma muy bonito. i cant think of aything else to type in spansh i'll think of something at some point
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You can get their nuts for about $10 or less.

I'm sorry but that just sounded weird =p
Yea, will the guitar still go out of tune with locking tuners after crazy divebombing with non locking trem?
^only if you don't buy magical fairy strings.

You should have seen my friend's face when I told him I was working on my guitar and busted a nut. Of course, I worded it like on purpose, but he was cracking up.

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locking tuners should be fine, i mean your not going to be able to fly off the hook with divebombs etc. without an FR and then i would suggest a locking nut but because thats just me.

Oh and JahJah, i had a fit female spanish teacher last year aswell, i spent 3 weeks in spain with my friends this year and even in the villa etc we hardly spoke a word of english
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the best locking tuners (in my opinion) are these ones made by grover that you don't have to twist a knob, they lock as you turn the key. not sure what they're called. i think someone put them on their guitar in the custom guitar gallery.
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