I want a whammy pedal, and I've found two. One is the whammy 4, which about $120 used. The other is the whammy-wah for about $90 used, which apparently has a whammy and a wah, which I don't really need because I already have a wah. Which one should I get. I'm going for a Ed O'Brien/Johnny Greenwood/Jack White/Tom Morello type of sound. i think I should get the whammy 4.
theres a whammy wah?!?!
get that (but ONLY if it has all the same features as the other.
if its just a wah, then get the other one
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yeah get the whammy 4. The whammy wah (which korn use) isn't anywhere near as good in my opinion, all of those guitarists above use original whammy wh-1s as far as i know but these go for a lot more and the whammy 4 in my opinion is equally as good, with more settings and an led so you can see what setting you are on during the dark, very handy as i know. Plus the sound of the whammy 4 is not that noticably different from the original whammy which will set you probably about another couple hundred ontop of that $120

Hope that helps
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the digitech whammy. whatever the newest one is. it kicks major butt.
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Digitech Whammy for $199. Puts all other Whammy pedals to shame
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