ok, let me start by telling you that i have this behringer v tone 2 guitar, which is a strat clone that is built farly decent, actually. it was my first guitar, and now that i have moved on, it sits. i have already done some custom work to it. So far i have reverse phased the middle pickup, for oop (out of phase) selections at positions 2 and 4 on the selector, but i have grown tired of this setup, and am looking to do some more, so i bought these monstrous switches from radio shack for like 5 bux apeice, and ive wired them for reverse phasing capability. these are 3 position switches, two on, and center off. I have them wired so that if i flip one one way, it activates its respective pickup in normal mode, if i flip it the other way, the polarity is reversed, and you know what the center does. this way it will be possible to cut or activate all 3 pickups any way i want basically. in the past, i installed a killswitch, that will stay, the original pickup selector is going bye bye, so if anyone needs a 5 position switch, pm me. tomorrow i will have more on the build and will post pictures of the body before and after modification. By the way, the reason im showing the body is because some routing will have to be done to accomodate the extremely large size of the switching boxes at the bottom of the switch, not to mention all the wiring that has to be done. As i said, im gonna post pictures tomorrow of everything, bot for now, tell me what you think of the project
sorry for taking so long with a reply, but i had to create a new photobucket account, and it took me a while to get it done. anyway, here are some pictures

1) a pile of parts after dissassembly

2) the switches im using. they look small here but they are huge in the guitar

3) the body before i did the routing work neccessary to fit the switches in

4)after routing

5)finally, this is the final build. it took me a while to get off my lazy ass and finish it, but here it is

thanks to anyone who reads it, and if they want a schematic, i'll draw and scan one and post it.
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take the on/off plates off the switches.

Actually they say On/On which is pretty ****ing retarded if you ask me.
nah, they remind me of the stickers you see on fireman's trucks here in michigan, if they were circular it would be awesome, but im done with that guitar. i like it the way it is and to a point the indicator plates on those hold the switches to the pickguard. and in the middle, if the pic is too blurry it says off, so its on off on, for phase switching.
I know that it says on/off/on , I just said on/off. At least make it so all the plates are up and down not random directions.
No, I had a switch like that around somewhere. Just loosen the top nut, if you have to bend the little piece of metal thats bent down, up. Just cosmetic stuff to make it look better.
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Actually they say On/On which is pretty ****ing retarded if you ask me.

what if it says "no no"??
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Actually they say On/On which is pretty ****ing retarded if you ask me.
its on on and at the sides are the offs
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