Hey there guys it's me again..

SO i got an Ibanez RG 350 EX (yay ^_^) and i love it, the neck's incredible and the guitar looks as badass as a standard body guitar could look.
Of course i can't say much about the trem, it's satisfactory to my unprofessional hands, i know it's gonna give me hell later, but that's not the problem right now.

I like low action, and i'm talking L O W. I knew there would be fret buzz on the first 5 frets (it actually only buzzes on the first) and i didn't mind that at all long as i get the playability i want on the lower 12, but sometimes i use frets 5-12 for some solos/melodies.
On the G string the 9th fret buzzes immensely, so does the 8th but to a lesser extent and the 7th to a much lesser err.. extent..
On the B string the 9th also buzzes but a little less and on the High E, same, but less.
The 10th has no problems. Neither does the 8th on the High E (and very little on the B).

Now i thought it was an action problem, i raised it on the treble side a little (It's already pretty high on the bass-side) that eliminated the buzz on all frets except the 9Th on the G.. So i gave the neck very little (1/5th turn on the truss rod) more relief. I just did this a few minutes ago so i'm waiting for it to settle, but is there anything else i can do?

I have no access to any feelers (and can't buy any, i'm in egypt) and if i should use anything it should be mainly designed for anything else except guitar, otherwise it ain't sold here.

HELP ! 9th G is essential in In Flames stuff. and it's just plain annoying !
Anybody? Nobody?

Might i add that after alot of toying with the truss rod and action height the problem's now limited to just the 9th fret on the G string..

Help ! Would it be a Fret problem? Which would i have to sand down?