haha, lame thread title.

so anyway, my two guitars have a single note where if you do vibrato on that note, you gradually start to hear what appears to be a harmonic fade in as the note fades out. it's only one one single note though.. on my 24 fret RG it's on the 7th fret on the G string, and on my 22 fret GSA60, it's on the 10th fret on the B string.

anyway, it's an awesome effect.. what's it called, and is there any way to get it to do that on other notes?
I think that's called sympathetic buzz. It's supposed to be a flaw, weird that you like it.. =D ..

That or Feedback, but i never experienced feedback from just a single note, maybe your amp feeds back on certain frequencies.

Don't take my words as accurate though, i'm just guessing according to what little knowledge i have.
lol, that happens on the fifth fret of the first string on my LP
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is there actually such thing as the brown note???

I think they busted it on Mythbusters. It's not real.