Any tips on a good sitting stance with an explorer??!!

My new Peavey Rotor EXP is kind of awkward to sit with!!
Suck it up.
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I posted the exact same topic a few weeks ago about my ESP explorer, I've gotten used to it, but it's still different, you find the right position.

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I own a LTD EX-351, I just rest it on my left leg and play, it feels like it does when Im standing up, so it's really comfortable. Try it out.
I actually prefer playing sitting with my explorer over my ibanez's.

I just rest it on my right leg on the crease between the tune-o-matic bridge and the bridge pickup area.
youll get used to it i think its perfect cept it hurts my chest abit playing longperiods of time
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Quote by Pleiadian
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Watch the back wing!! You'll hit that damn thing a thousand times!!

Just find what is comfortable for you.
Just put it on your right leg... It'll take a bit to get used to...

and yeah watch the back wing... that think will get a bunch of dings if you're not careful like the above poster said
play classical, pretty much, put the guitar on the left leg while playing. Thats how i roll....well sit
You should've gotten another guitar if you were going to run into this problem.

Just find a position that's comfortable.
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It's a little awkward at first, as it tends to slip along your thigh quite a bit. Once you get used to it, though, its pretty comfortable, a heck of a lot moreso than a flying v or any bc rich model
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