ive only played guitar for one or two weeks now so i donno what guitar sites give the right tabs but at this part is it 17p12 or just 17-12
dude wtf? ur a noob at guitar. don't even try to play metallica.
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Quoting yourself is cool.

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^ that wasnt the niecest way to say that, but it is true...
Man...I dont think you should be tryint=g to play that after 2 weeks, maybe go with the first solo, but if you do wanna know, it is pulled off.
i think its as shown, ive never actually took the time to learn the solo...(even though i play through the song pretty much every day)...but i think it is indeed picked
well im not trying to rush ahead my freind said im picking up fast so if i can play all the notes right he can help me play the solo
number 1......this is not a song a noob should attempt.......because this song transformed metallica into what they were back in the good old days, not what they are now......

number 2....its pull-offs from the 17, and when it goes to the 12-13-12 part, that part is hammerons/pulloffs


Edit: Even if you are picking up fast, it doesn't mean you have the speed/physicallity needed to attempt this song.
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well, the notes are the notes no matter how u play them. But I prefer to pick all of 'em...

However, the pull-off approach shouldn't be discouraged either, just matter of preference I suppose
thank for the help.. i think im gonna learn other thngs and come bak to this song... do you know any other songs with maybe easier solo that i can learn?
well, u can't go wrong with Metallica's self titled ("black album")

Also, solos aren't a necessity, especially if ur starting out.
Learn all the rhythym sections of songs, like Master Of Puppets, and when u've built up some more experience & technique, learn the solos later on...

There's nuthin wrong with that
ok thanks i learned all of other master of puppets sections except the last solo so do you think i should learn other things before comgin bak to the solos?
Even though however badly you want to play that song, your fingers will NOT be able to cope. It's bad news to hear but it's the truth. To play that part, you have to keep your index finger on the 12th fret on the E and B string and go from your hammer on and pulls on the 17th fret on the E and then 2nd finger (what's the name of that finger? :P) and hammer on and pull with that. It is very obvious that it will sound terrible if you try but i think you should just try some exercises on the high e string


Try that over and over on a clean sound distortion, then you're fingers will be stronger but that won't really help you a lot to play the metallica solo as you need to do stretches as well so...

e----5h7h9p7p5h7h9----... and so on, just keep going round in a circle on both those exercises
If he worked hard enough i think he could have it to a reasonable standard at 6-8 months. I don't think it's impossible but it won't sound professional as there will be occasionally a muted note.
maybe hes a prodogy and you are all telling him to stop doing something he can already do? but probably not. but it cant hurt to learn the notes of the solos even if you cant play them at full speed yet so you will know them when you are ready to attempt them. but make sure you dont spend all your time trying and failing to do that song. learn the things you need to build a foundation as a guitarist, so you're not one of those guys that just spent his time learning a few really fast songs and cant do anything else, doesnt know how to improvise, and cant write any songs.