well theres a lot of band cover contests, but with this one you can do any band.

  • vocals don't NEED to be included, but if you have them and they're good, you'll probally get a higher score than someone without vocals
  • guitar work MUST be your own and it is required. any other instruments you want to provide can be your own work, a backing track, or someone you know
  • songs must be done by 11:59 pm central time by next monday, at 12:00 am central next monday (technicly tuesday), the judging will start
  • you can do the same song as somebody else, but lets TRY not to have 20 every rose has its thorn covers.
  • you can start posting your covers at any time, and they may be from a different thread if you don't want to record again.
  • i am a judge, i need 3 judges besides me
  • there can be any amount of contestants



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power ballads suck and if u say vocals dont have to be included u are out of your mind - change it to vocals are manditory and then it will be a reasonable contest
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Haha gtrfrk123 can't win. First in the pink floyd cover contest everyone yelled at him "VOCALS MANDITORY WTF YO?" and now this guy tells him that if vocals aren't included it's stupid.

Why don't you all make up your minds?