The Input jack on my amp took a dive and i need a replacement one, does anyone know where i could get a replacement input jack for on the amp?
The input jack is usually connected to a circuit board, so if you broke the input, you may have cracked the board, and your amp might be fried. I'd open it up and check if you know how to and take all the necessary precautions, or take it to a professional if you don't.
well, it isnt that the jack is broken, it fell inside the amp and when i tried to get it out the thread on it was plastic so i screwed that all up and i need to replace the input
radioshack. What you probably need is like an open case mount audio jack 1/4"

I'd mail you one, but I think I'm going to use the only free one I have in a project soon....you can buy two of them in a pack for like $3.