Does anyone know a software that is comparable or even better than Guitar-Rig 2?
So far, Guitar-Rig responses with a blunt overtone which really fustrates me;
I think the problem lies therein the missing pedal board that must simulate a
guitar-rig designed sound type. Perhaps it's just my computer.

Does anyone else have this problem?
And What other software could I use?

Thx, input appreciated
i think guitar rig is the best out but i havent tried amplitube 2

and i have gr2 without the footpedal u dont need it and i doubt it makes much of a sound difference i use it guitarport

and ur tone may suck because most of the factory presets are ****
i have a stock mex strat and i can get good tones with guitar rig standalone but when i use it with cubase and a ****load of professional plugins $$$$$$ it makes a big differnce

my advice is to play around with the settings sample rate etc and go through all the presets and make ur own

oh yeah it could be ur comp low memory? and if u hooked directly to ur soundcard and ur soundcard sucks that could be the problem