I want to get a cheap amp off e-bay. i dont expect great quality but for a starter I think it will be ok. here are the feature i want to know if they sound ok since I dont know the technical stuff.

? 55 watts power Amplifier
? Channel Switch
? Guitar Input
? Clean Gain Control
? Clean Volume Control
? Overdrive Gain Control
? Overdrive Volume Control
? High / Mid / Low Equalization Control
? Presence Control
? Depth (Delay) Digital Effect Control
? Time (Delay) Digital Effect Control
? Return Input
? Send Output Connector
? Foot Switch Input
? Power Switch
? Carry Handle

? Model: GX-55
? Power: 55 Watts
? Speaker: 2x 8? Full-Range
? Impedence: 4 Ω
? 240VAC~50Hz
? Weight: 12Kg

? 510 x 215 x 350 mm
What is it?
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Need to know the name or maker man.
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? Model: GX-55

I believe crate has a GX series of amps. I'm indifferent about their amps though, I havent seen any amazing crate amps, nor any terrible crate amps.

edit: nevermind, i was wrong. its not a crate
It's already been sold.
"There's Jimmy Page, one of the biggest thieves of American black music to ever walk the Earth."
Rule #1: Never buy ANYTHING from a place called "Auction Depot." That just says "fishy" all over it.

Rule #2: Never buy an amp you've never, ever heard of.
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He probably got it. I don't know anything about this amp so I can't tell you anything man sorry.
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I dunno, looks sorta sketchy to me, but you know I'm no expert, I'd say get something else, cause you'd probably get it and have it break a week later after you can't return it.
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i have a Sucess 50 watt amp very similar to that and iam very happy with it, sounds excellent yet the clean isnt the best, i have a behringer UM100 pedal and it sounds terrific

it is built pretty tough ive dropped it from a car boot and nothing on it was damaged at all
Yes it is the sucess 55W amp. I forgot to add it cos I am at school and rushing.
I am very sceptacle of buying one. But it is the biggest I can get for money. I have read all others comments who have brought the same amp. and it has been positive.
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But it is the biggest I can get for money.

Take that mind-set...and throw it out the window. TONE>>>POWER

Just go to a store and buy an actual amp man...because chances are that thing is going to sound like crap.
You would be better off saving up a little more and buying a Vox AD5 or AD15VT. Just because it is louder, doesn't mean that it is necessarlily better. Tone is more important than volume