I'm kinda new to electric guitar. I have an Epiphone Les Paul Studio and a POD XT. I've been playing around with it and you can download patches into it. So, i downloaded a GNR path and I notice that when I play w/ a patch like that (w/ heavy distortion), I can hear a click sound when i hit the string through headphones.

How can I lighten that up? Do I need thiner picks? I'm using a thick pick. Or gauge of string? Or is it just b/c of the distortion?
You can download patches for that ****? I gotta get me one of those....

List of Items I need:
New computer: $800
New Guitar: $400
New Amp: $300
xbox 360/PS3: $400-600
Pod XT: $400

Amount of money I have: $800


Looks like I'm gunna have to give Santa a BJ for that kind of stuff.
perhaps make it louder? Or is this click coming through hte headphones?
That is the sound of your pick, try slanting your pic. I find it happens less with thicker picks.
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