Ok my cousin has been watching me play bass since I first got my Squire P-bass. I've been playing for about 1 1/2 years now and I finally started to perfect my popping and slapping. He goes nuts when I do that stuff. So he has expressed interest in playing. Not to draw this out so I recently purchased a Fender Jazz Bass, and as a suprise I figured I give him my old Squire, and my old 15 watt amp. Now my Squire has been sitting up in my attic for about 3 months now, I know I'm an idiot. Anyway when I check the neck for a bow. It has a pretty decent front bow in it and the action is high so I went to adjust the truss rod. When I tune down his string so there loose enough to move out of the way but the lack of tension on the neck cause it to backbow slighty....Um what should I do. I assume I should still tighten the rod because the string tension causes it to bow upwards to a point were the action it annoyling high. So what should I do?
I'm no luthier so if your bass gets messed up because of this don't blame me but...I would tighten it because the bow lessens when you loosen the strings because theres less overall tension on the neck. When you tune it back to pitch the higher tension cuase it to bow again. To compensate for that you need to tighten the truss rod (from what you've said). As with all truss rod adjustments do it in small increments, wait overnight then check it and see if you need to tighten it again. That's my opinion on this matter but like I said if your bass gets messed it's not my fault.
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I appriciate that, I understand that if I' am going to make an adjustment Im taking the risk of screwing up my bass, but Im not a nimrod Im not going to go wrench the truss rod. I'm glad Im getting my exprience on my old bass hopefully it works though I would like to give it to my cousin after fixing it. But most importantly I want to learn how to make proper turss rod adjustments myself without the help of a luthier.
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Basically, it has a frontbow when in standard tuning, but a backbow when downtuned?