yes, they are decent..I think..


they are under 'acoustic'




crit for crit
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lol man plz dont take this the wrong way but you really cant rap.
"One" is a very good song. I enjoyed it very much. Your voice sounds sort of "whiny" but for me it's not a complaint, I thought your voice was actually really pleasant to listen to. The only criticism I have for "One" is the chorus strumming pattern. You seem to be emphasizing the downstrokes too much, alternate the strumming and make it a bit smoother.

"Two" has a very interesting guitar tone, I like it a lot. However, after listening to "One" and hearing this, I got kind of bored. Your vocal style is the very much the same. The lyric content seems weaker, not to mention very familiar to "One." In itsself, it's not a bad song. But it's nothing compared to "One."
thanks for the kind words, and the constructive critisism too. I think the strumming thing on the first track is due to some gay bass effect I accidently saved to the track. It's simple, but I am really just to lazy to rerecord it so I just left it.

as far as lyrically, I used to write decently, but I quit for a while, and now I'm trying to get back into it.

Any thing you want me to listen to?
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Quote by GOD*OF*ROCK
lol man plz dont take this the wrong way but you really cant rap.
Erm, Listening to one. The guitar is sketchy.

The singing is really bad. Its not in pitch, and there no confidence or presence in your voice.
If you have a decent ear, try playing the root of the chord, and singing the whole phrase to that note. Just to get you on the right track, let those pitches sink in, and maybe try to expand it more. Right now, its just.. bad.

Didnt mean to be brutal if I was, but, you wont improve if people dont actually tell you these things.
ok listening to One now. sounds like a cool song, but I have some things that could help you out. first, get the guitar into tune a little better. you've gotta have more confidence in both your guitar playing and your singing. you've gotta realllllly know the song backwards and forwards before you try and record it. when you can play it without thinking about it i think you'll sound a lot better. everythings just a little off.. but that means with tweaking and practice itll be better.

Two: wow. guitar sounds baddd just cuz its out of tune. again the singing lacks confidence. sometimes youre on key but for most of it you kinda hover around the right notes and never really hit them. if you work on these songs they could be really cool

if you have time, here's my new one
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k One - The intro is nice, I didn't like the vocals. Like as said before, you HAVE to sing and play with confidence. You've got to be the leader of the music, something your fans can follow. Play and sing like you're a badass and just go after the notes with (i want to say, focused) reckless abandon.

Two - The guitar needs to be tuned... Same as the first song, it seems as if you're singing passively. Just enough to get the words out so there are lyrics in the song. Playing music passively doesn't do anything good.

The songs aren't bad themselves, but you should sing with a confident, almost cocky attitude. I don't know if you're trying to go for the 'emo' voice, but if your going to go for it, go big! Dashboard doesn't half sing thier songs and you shouldn't either.

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i did agree with what people were saying to some extent. the singing on one, i understand what you were trying to do, you sound a bit like alanis morisette, but just a bit whinier, and in tune a lot less. i liked the guitaring, its a good mellow song, just it does need improvement. work on the singing, the guitar is not bad just a bit boring and repatative.
One is a little vocally off. Not that I can sing... so take that with a pinch of salt. Guitar is a bit on the boomy side, so cut the EQ from around 250Hz and below... then boost a bit from around 1.2kHz to 4kHz and cut everything above 4kHz to as low as possible.

The lyrics on two are nice, but still the same problems as one... other than this time around the guitar is too tinny sounding. Almost as if you have a capo across the 14th fret. It just quits??? why? I like the lyrics. You're obviously a decent lyricist, so don't ever stop writing... in fact don't ever quit playing and singing. EVER!!!! You will become very good in a short time if you keep going for it, plus your writing abilities are there.... so go for it!

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