Im wasting my time with you
Just for you
Ihave nothing left to do
Nothing but you

/Think me Neive/ /X8/

I care less then nothing
I bring it out
To sell it back to myself
I forgive for the death of the neive self I was

/I miss the love of love, forgive the king of misses murder/ /2 or 3/

Do you love me
For my neive ways?
For the wasted days?
For the time I tried to kiss
And Missed
And kissed the tree?
Do you love me for this?
Or is it fake
A trick you make?
I'd still forgive
And give again
Im Still Neive

/Neive/ /8/

Well? Critque it please. What parts of it do you like? What parts do you not like, or not understand? What Would you change about it?

Note: The numbers written like "/3/" Are howmany times its repeated.
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