Does anyone know what amp Frusciante used to record Scar Tissue?
I trying to find that just barely breaking up tone he has on that track.
i know he usually uses fender or marshall amps
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Yes. I know he uses Marshalls, and I've read he has a Fender Twin. But on that recording, I'm thinking it is not a Marshall. (?) And it is definitely not a Twin.
I saw them live a few weeks ago, he had three full stacks. One being a marshall plexi with cabs, and two marshall jcm jubilee stacks. I know he ussed to use a fender showman head but I couldnt see that.
I think for recording he sticks with his jubilee heads and vintage strats
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He uses a fender showman for scar tissue and he has the head way down near his pedalboard and runs it linked with 2 cabs that arent on the stage.