Ok in the song Fully Alive by Flyleaf. The lead guitarist kicks in an effect that i have no idea what is it. Could someone please help me. Its right after the second chorus of the song please help.
im to lazy to downlaod the song, could you do your best to describe what it sounds like please
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What is plexi? Do you mean a guitar made out of plexiglass?
I dont hear any effect at all where you specified there was one. Maybe a little bit of reverb,,,,but otherwise it sounds pretty dry.
Yeah same here, maybe he means how to get the exact tone?

If it's the tone that's just a regular overdrive with some stereo reverb (It sounds stereo, could be the effect or the mixing, dunno) the overdrive sound's very les paul-ish . Still like Rokket said, no "effect" per se, just regular overdrive.