ok ive been playing around a year and a half and i need some advice on practise on improving if u could help me in anyway by telling me ur schedule or setting one up for it would be greatly appreciated thank you

p.s. i want to play classic(hard) rock, heavy metal
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-to sing
-sing & play
-have succesful first show
Well, many will disagree... but you SHOULD have a practice scheadule when you PRACTICE. When you JAM its different.

Mostly I jam... but when i practice i do the following-

Practice major and minor scales for a couple hours or so a day until i can blaze through them (chew mint gum when you practice if possible..helps memory response)

When you got those down practice Pentatonic and Chromatic scales like you did Major and Minor... but still spend a bit of time doing previously mastered scales

After that just go with whatever kinda scales you want, really
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