Ok, my band has started talking about putting out a demo. we think maybe a half dozen songs or so. We would record them through home recording. My first question is, if we put out a demo to people, so we get heard, do we need to play a gig first? I dont want to play BOTB at my school, it is filled with screamo bands, and it just seems like a poser-ish thing to do. i think it would give us a bad name, no matter how good we were, it would make us seem like a joke just because we played. that is my thoughts. So, can we hand out demo;s/sell demos without them hearing us first? also, does a demo need to be that great of quality? Can it be burned onto the kind of discs you just copy cd;s and things like that? can it just be a cheap paper case? I have never put out a demo or met anyone who has, so please, all the info you can give me would be greatly appricieated.
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The best way to get discovered is to play gigs. Big and little. If your an unknown band and you give me your demo im most likely listening to it once and throwing it away, but if you put on an amazing show then I will remember and tell people about you.
yeah, seriously, a bands procccess when startign should be

1. Decide genre
2. Compose
3. Gig like mad
4. demo CD
5. Gig like mad to promote that

then there steps before and after all of them, but thats really all that concerns your band right now, and a demo has to be good quality, if you want people to keep listening and to remember you, it has to be listenable, and not just barely. I'm not saying necessarily pro studio recording because people will accept the fact that your not a pro band just yet, but it has to be higher than begginer/amateur quality.