I could use help defining melody and chord progression.

This hath confussed me :

"well I mean listen to please please me and then listening to any early stones works and the different is clear. the stones generally used a 1 4 5 proggression while the beatles used more major things...

order of the chords used and their relationship to the dominant tone"

Could someone desipher and explain that to me, and clearly explain the difference between that, tone, rhythm, beat, and melody, and how one would go about creating each, most importantly the melody though. Thank you for your time and possible input.
That's a lot to ****ing ask. When you make a scale that goes "DO RE ME FA SO LA TI DO" each of those notes has a chord that can be built from in using the other notes from the scale. They are numbered 1-7. The chords are numbered from their relationship to the dominant tone, which is the tone you built the scale from

Tone is the sound of something. A note is on a piece of paper. A tone is what that note on paper represents. Rhythm is the pulse of the music, how it is organized in time. A beat is a single unit of what the rhythm is composed of. Also it can just refer to the percussion or the feel of the groove in the song. "Nice beat"

You should by "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory" I have it and i read it while I squeeze out dumps and it's pretty much tells you ALL of the basics in a way easy to understand. You asked about 7 chapters with that question too
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